Cheap Travel Packages – Don’t Believe a Word About Them!

The world of cheap travel packages seems at first sight to be independent from the industry of travel certificates. Unfortunately, this last months something has gone wrong in this market with some people creating web-pages where they offer supposed travel packages for a highly discounted price.

Far from telling you that this is illegal or that it is not a bargain, I want to tell you that this cheap travel packages they give to you are made of travel certificates, and travel certificates are free to get if you have customers that want them. To make it easy, to have travel certificates a company pays normally a low monthly fee and but gets $5 back for every certificate that gives away. The result is that if a company or a person is able to give away 10 or 20 certificates every month in the end the certificates have no cost at all, and if they get more people looking for he certificates you even win money giving them away.

This is completely legal and in fact is an activity which I am involved with. The problem comes when sellers try to get even more money apart from the $5 they get already from giving the travel certificate to you. And it gets even worse if they hide the travel certificates in Travel Packages, confusing the customer who ends thinking that he or she is in front of a real bargain. Again, it is a bargain, but you could get it for free.

To put an example, and without giving away any name as I don’t try to make bad publicity, there is one page where they offer cheap travel packages where you can buy a package of about 20 certificates for $3995. Of course it is a good price, but what if I tell you that there is other people like me that offer the same but for $0?

This problem is created because this guys want to win a lot of money and they try to hide the travel certificates system pretending that they are selling vacation packages for highly discounted prices. Of course, they tell you that the price for their package is the lowest on the market. It is a shame because for me $0 is still less than $3995 but it seems that they don’t really see it. Or almost probably, they think that everybody on the net is blind and will not find out that the same package can be found for free in different places.

In any case, and far from trying to criticize the persons who do it, it is easy that when we see such an offer we completely believe that it is impossible that somebody has a better price. This happens because many people does not know how the system works. It is not difficult, but that would be another article as it requires many extra lines to explain.

To conclude, be careful with places offering cheap travel packages, as they are nearly always made of travel certificates that can be found for free at other places.

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